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These are some our most Frequently Asked Claim Questions.

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• How does a policy deductible work?
A deductible is the part of the covered loss that you owe. You pay the deductible to your contractor, along with the insurance proceeds amount issued by your insurance company.

• What is depreciation?
Depreciation is the lost value that reflects the current age, wear or market value.

• How do I recover my depreciation?
To claim recoverable depreciation (RCV Policy), invoices are sent to your adjuster for the repairs that have been completed.
Once reviewed by your insurance carrier, payment for eligible expenses will be released, not to exceed the actual cost to repair.

• Who selects the contractor to make my repairs?
You, the insured, select and hire the contractor of your choice. Repairs should proceed only with your authorization. You can visit www.nicb.org/disaster-tips for more information and for tips to prevent being victimized by dishonest contractors.

• What if additional damage is found during the repair process?
Contact your adjuster as soon as possible so we can determine if the additional damage is covered and if an additional inspection is needed.

• If my contractor’s estimate is more than the adjusters, what do I need to do?
Please have your contractor discuss any differences with the adjuster before they begin repairs. Failure to notify you adjuster before making repairs may result in additional damage or charges not being covered. You adjuster will work with your contractor to try to resolve any pricing discrepancies.

• How do I get my mortgage company to sign off my claims check?
Please contact your mortgage company and let them know that you have a claim check that needs to be processed. The mortgage company will provide instructions on their specific endorsement process for insurance claim checks.

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